Each student that is enrolled in a Career and Technical Program is enrolled as a member of SkillsUSA.

The SkillsUSA organization is a local, state and national student organization serving over 300,000 students throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. SkillsUSA students are eligible to receive leadership training, compete with other students in various contests, and enjoy many social events.

The purpose of the SkillsUSA organization is to provide its student members with information, representation, channels for training, and the professional contacts, which are important to anyone’s career. This organization’s major goal is to help students become fully prepared for the world of work.

SkillsUSA is more than a school club, its activities are co-curricular which means it provides connecting activities for each career and technical program. This is accomplished by providing students the opportunity to perform their career and technical training in the presence of business and industry leaders in the state and nation.

During the winter months of February and March, SkillsUSA members have the opportunity to compete in the Rhode Island SkillsUSA Olympics contests, which include skill and leadership competitions.

SkillsUSA Organization

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